All course offerings are face to face, class/group setting, individual, or virtual. All courses come with a payment plan. If you enroll in one of the courses and find that you need more training, the funds that have already been paid will be applied to the new course. *Travel fees/accommodations are additional costs that the clients are responsible for. This includes air, hotel, and transportation. 

* All students/ clients/ customers are given an opportunity to have their exam(s) proctored by Jewvons Medical Coding (Must come to exam location)


Refresher/Short Course- Option

1-12wk Program

Cost is $1350-Designed for those with formal CPC training, under a school, or AAPC instructor, and preparing to take the CPC exam by the end of the course. Exam attempts at least twice without success. Down payment is $500 to begin, 2nd payment of $425 is due in week 4, and final payment of $425 is due week 8.  You must purchase your books, exam, and membership (we can at discounted rate-but not included in total)


Certified Professional Biller- 16wk Program

4 months-Designed for those that currently certified professional coders. This is the next level to prepare the certified professional coder to also become a certified professional biller. This program includes training fees, billing manual, membership to AAPC, and National CPC Exam. 


Cost is $2500. The down payment to begin is $625. This can be broken up into two payments if needed. This payment arrangement is available for the remainder of course. The final payment must be made prior to testing. For those that have taken my CPC course- the cost is $2000. $500 each month is required including the down payment Those that are doing the internship program gets an additional discount of $500-so the intern cost is $1500 including exam, and study guide. 


Entrepreneurship Program-Time Frame- 4 Months

Designed for true entrepreneurs desiring to go to the next level. Program Cost: $2000. Inclusions: Legal structures & setup; Marketing & Promoting, Shadowing; Client referrals when available; Monthly Mentoring & Mini Consultations; Business Strategies; & Goal setting; Travel Opportunities. Payment plans available: $500 to begin, $500 monthly


Refresher/Short Course- Option

2-12 wk Program

Designed for disciplined candidates with a strong desire and hunger for the course. This course is beneficial for those with some field experience in medical coding and/or medical billing. This course cost is $1900 per person-includes all coding manuals (we only use the AAPC version), class material, AAPC registration, and the CPC national exam. If you purchase your books, exam, and membership separately, we will take that off the total, but please know that our rates include the discounted exam, books, and student membership. Down payment to begin is $635, 2nd payment $632.50 is due week 5, and final payment of $632.50 is due in week 9. Your exam must be scheduled by this date (Jewvons will handle this)



These vary and takes 6-8 weeks to complete. Specialty courses cost $750-includes study guide. You must purchase exam vouchers and AAPC coding manuals, and exam voucher through Jewvons Medical. This is offered at a discounted rate.


Bootcamp- 6-8wk Program

Designed for those that have had formal CPC training under a school or and AAPC instructor. You may have, or may not have attempted the exam at least once without success -Cost is $750 Down payment is 50% , $375 of total. Remaining amount is due at 3rd week after beginning.  You must purchase your books, exam, and membership (we can at discounted rate-but not included in total) This training includes weekly assessments. This is an intense training with a mock exam at the end of the training. You must be disciplined to do this. 


Half-Time Option-16wk Program

Familiar with the coding concepts; may have some medical background/experience/just need to get certified. You must be very disciplined to do this course. Cost is $1750. The initial down payment is $437.50 to begin, Second down payment is due in week 5 $437.50, Third down payment $437.50 due in week 9, and week 13, the final payment of $437.50 is due. You must purchase your books, exam, and membership (we can at discounted rate-but not included in total) If you would like the books to be included, the total would be $2100. If you would like to add the exam and membership, that will be an additional $425. If you want the additional options, we can set payment plans that are conducive for you. ($2525)


Review Class

This is a two-day review class prior to taking the CPC exam. The first day entails reviewing the various parts of the book, adding any additional notes, going over exam tips, and taking the mock exam for 5 hours and 40 minutes to mimic the real exam setting. The second day is spent going over the mock exam to discuss the rationales on each item missed-help you to improve on it. Each day is an 8-hour session. There is an option to take the exam with me on the third day at no additional cost. Cost for this is $225 total-due prior to session beginning. You must have the current version of the books (preferably AAPC). This does not include exam, or memberships- that is your responsibility, but you can test with me. 3 Day sessions are $350. Testing includes people with disabilities that must have more time than normal testing hours. Travel fees/accommodations are additional costs that the clients are responsible for. This includes air, hotel, and transportation.


Certified Risk Adjustment Coder- 16 wk Programs

Cost: $2000-Includes: Live training-physical, or virtual; Current ICD-10-CM Coding Manual(AAPC only);Material & Content; CRC Certification Exam vouchers; CRC Study Guide; Additional year of membership renewal. Payment plans are available. $500 prior to start. $500 Monthly(can be broken up during the month)


Full Course- 32 wk Program

8 months (also extends to 1 year) at no additional. Designed for those with little to no coding experience. Program takes you from the beginning to the end. This program includes training fees, all 3 coding manuals, membership to AAPC, and National CPC Exam. Cost is $3025 ($25 application fee)- Initial payment down is $525- monthly payments in the amount of $312.50 must be made prior to class sessions within that month. You may break it up into two payments of $156.25, or one payment of $312 for the month. You do not incur any additional costs. 



We have tutoring sessions available for $70 minimum of two hours. Each hour after two hours is $10 per hour. 

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