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2024 -2025 COURSE


All course offerings are face to face, class/group setting, individual, or virtual.

All courses come with a payment plan.

If you enroll in one of the courses and find that you need more training, the funds
that have already been paid will be applied to the new course.

Our registration for the upcoming sessions open one month prior to the sessions

If we are asked to come to your location/city/ or state, that is more than 70 miles,
we require travel accommodations in addition to the set fees. Those
accommodations are as follows:

o Hotel fees-$150.00 per night (will arrive one day prior to training and
depart one day after the training.

o Car rentals-$600.00 (including gas-if the cost is less than this, we will
refund the difference to you)

o Meals-$25 per day for meals

o Travel fees/accommodations for Nichole McLin are additional costs that
the clients are responsible for when applicable. This includes air, hotel,
and transportation (rentals, Uber, or Lyft).


* All students/clients/customers
are given an opportunity to have their exam(s) proctored by Jewvons
Medical Coding. My proctored exams are offered in Metro Atlanta, North
Atlanta, or Macon Ga.

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